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Powerful tools for easy operation.

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easy to use

So easy to use that any user without technical knowledge can create their own channels in a few minutes.

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linear TV 24H

Create your won linear TV channel as if it were a freeview TV, all viewers will see the same thing, at the same time.

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player with your LOGO

Add your Station logo so that everyone can see your brand. .

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MANUAL/AUTOMatic scheduler

Build your TV scheduled grid with your videos or Streams to be shown in an hour, and if you don’t have time boompler will do it for you. .

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on demand tv channels (VOD)

Créate VOD channels if you need your viewers to interact with the player, dumping from one video to another or creating playlists.

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RRSS share

Share the broadcast of your channel with your clients or viewers.

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your vimeo & youtube videos

With a single click you can add your Vimeo or Youtube accounts to boompler, it detecta all your videos and you will have them avaliable in your control panel. No uploads, no link every video.

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AUTOMaTIC tv guide

When you créate a show, or is created by boompler, an EPG guide is automatically created, your viewers can know what time a show edil be broadcast.

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CHANnel player

When we créate a channel, a link will automatically be created with broadcast show. This link you can inserta on your site or App.

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live streaming events

You can add your live Streams on Youtube or Vimeo to scheduler and make live broadcasts in real time..

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Cg infographics

When we enter to the channel, a infographics appears with the actual show name “Now live….”.  When is finishing show, appears “Next….”.

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player analytics

We will able to know the number of viewers of each channel with the statistics.

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domain privacy settings

With domain privacy settings you can choose where and where not to add your channel player.

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youtube & vimeo general videos

You can also add other external videos from Vimeo or Youtube from other users.

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advertising insert

You can insert advertising or any promotion at a certain time. At the scheduled time, boompler will pause the current video or Streaming and play advertising.

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adaptive player

Our player is adaptive to any browser, mobile, device, web page, mobile App, SmartTV, or any current device.l.


Some working channels

boompler tv

Televisión de Monóvar