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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions
The player and the boompler platform have been created to manage, transmit over the internet and embed videos in any browser, web page, mobile application, Smart TV or any device that connects to the internet.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the platform, their use constitutes the obligation to comply with them.

If the user DOES NOT ACCEPT these terms, they could not use the service offered. This service consists of different plans, whether trial or paid.
Some obligations, rights and restrictions may vary depending on the plan chosen. Unless otherwise specified, the terms will apply to all plans.


1. Website ownership
The owners of the website are ARMANDO ALBERT CASTELLÓ with DNI: 44770060P and FRANCISCO SAMPER BELLOT with DNI: 22143811D, located at C / Exconvento Nº5 Bajos, Monóvar 03640 Alicante.
Email: [email protected]


2. Purpose and scope
This document deals with the terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy. Said Privacy Policy and the prices published in the Prices section (page hosted at, govern the contracting and use of this site ( and any of the subdomains or addresses (URL) through the which operate boompler.

All users who access the website and / or contract the products or services we offer, accept these conditions of use and the contract that at that time links them to boompler.

Boompler works with Videos that are hosted on video hosting platforms such as Vimeo or Youtube because they are the best known and used by the vast majority of users. They can use this platform to superimpose text, logos, user information, etc. on these videos to be able to embed the resulting video (product, TV Channel, etc …) on their own website, mobile application, Smart TV, browser, etc. … According to our terms.

Boompler reserves the right to modify when necessary and without prior notice, any offer of options and services including this legal notice, conditions of the contract, but these variations must respect the transactions already carried out by the User / s.


3. The User’s account
By opening a boompler account, the User acknowledges that they are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and their passwords, as well as restricting access to the devices used to access our platform, and to the extent permitted by law, the User agrees to be responsible for ALL ACTIVITIES that he carries out within his boompler account. If you believe or have any indication or suspicion that the security of your account has been violated, you should immediately contact us so that we can take the appropriate measures and act accordingly.

You as a USER must never use your boompler account in any way that causes any other person annoyance, inconvenience or harm, threat, ridicule or any other way of situation that involves personal danger. Neither should you use your account to interrupt the boompler service, cause any kind of damage to the system / platform such as unpacking, dismounting, decoding, deriving the source code, modifying works derived from our service, as well as any type of reverse engineering.

boompler reserves the right to cancel the USER’s account, refuse to provide services to it, edit / delete any material that may exist in the content of the channel or refuse to stay on our platform if it does not comply with applicable laws and our terms .


4. Boompler user license
We declare ourselves owners of all the intellectual property rights of our website and the boompler platform. As is subject to our terms, we grant the USER a limited and non-exclusive license to access a 7-day trial to test our system, which in no way may be used for commercial purposes. In order to use our platform for any commercial purpose, you must contract one of our business plans called BASIC, STANDARD or PRO, to which these terms and conditions also apply. Any violation of these terms leads to the suspension of the account.


5. User Responsibilities, guarantees and indemnities

This platform uses tools that communicate directly with the user’s Vimeo or YouTube Video server, listing all the existing videos in their account and transferring this information to the user’s control panel within our platform. This operation is performed with the insertion by the USER of the Channel Identifier, Access Token and secret key provided by the video server, data that is used so.